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Places to see around us.

Here in Homewood, Charles Village area, there is lots to see and places to go to. We have included some of the places here. 

Johns Hopkins area.jpg
Sakoon Indian Food.jpg


If you are into something new and out of your comfort zone, some foreign cuisine may be just for you. Feel free to click on the photo to go to their website. 

Red Emmas Coffee and Restaurant.jpg

Red Emma's Bookstore, Restaurant & Coffee Shop.

Located within a few blocks, it is the perfect little place to hangout, eat, read and have a good old time. Feel Free to click the photo to go to their webpage. 

Baltimore Museum of Art.jpg

Baltimore Museum of Art

The Baltimore Museum of Art: Located 4-5 blocks away from your new home. Click on the photo to find more photos of the museum.

Chipotle Mexican Grill.jpg


Everybody's has got to love Chipotle. Come enjoy some a few blocks away. 
Barnes and Noble Johns hopkins.jpg

Barnes and Noble Johns Hopkins

All your reading and studying material located just a few blocks away. Feel free to click on the photo for directions to the store. 

Medstar Union Memorial.jpg

Medstar Union Memorial

Heaven Forbid if you ever need a hospital, however you are just a block or two away from this one as well as Johns Hopkins Hospital just a couple of miles away. Feel free to click on the photo directions. 

Blue Jay Shuttle

Blue Jay Shuttle.jpg
If you are a student and need a shuttle service to JHU, fear not, for there is Blue Jay JHU Shuttle that comes regularly. Feel free to just click the "Let's Go" button to take you to the shuttle website. 
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