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Welcome to Apt and Rooms For Rent Near JHU/Homewood


Rooms and Apartment for Rent near JHU/JHMI and Homewood. 

My name is Robert, I am the caretaker and the owner of the house and welcome to my home and hopefully soon to be yours as well. I want everyone who comes and lives here to feel welcome, appreciated and at ease throughout their time here.  

A little about the house: 

Student to Student Site

International Students JHU and JHMI and M.I.C.A.



Stay here

There is a caretaker on site.

Reasonable Rates

Lease is month to month.

The place has a Victorian Charm.

The house was once the home of one of the architects of Charles Village.

Officers of the A.E.F. The Great War have stayed here. 

FDR administration lawyers key advisors

Dean M.I.C.A.

Other notables of the past have lived here. 

While the servants are gone, You, can live in this charming turn of the 19th century house. Largely untouched by the passage of time.

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